Tap Dance Choreography Championships

Shyrleen has won over 55 medals and trophies at Swiss and IDO World tap dance championships for her own as well as group choreographies.

Jazz Music Concerts

Shyrleen is a plectrum banjo player in New Orleans and Dixie jazz bands such as DixieOnAir, New Orleans Hot Seven, The Big easy Gators and Pedro Fisch's Dixie Crew.

Tap Dance Shows and Projects

Her ongoing projects include Tap dance private and public shows as a solo artist and with other dancers / musician associations such as jazz é-tap, Carpe Rhythmum, Swiss Tap and Triple Tap




At the age of eight Shyrleen got fascinated by the art of tap dance. It's unique mixture of percussion, music, dance and athletic flair had her hooked since the very first glimpse. Now, as a passionate tap dancer, she loves to unite the rhythmic groove with the aesthetics of dance.

She was initiated to choreography dancing and competing at national and international championships at an early age with AbsolutTap Dance school. Meanwhile she has won over 55 medals (Swiss and World Championships, categories combined) as well as the Swiss Newcomer show business award Kleiner Prix Walo in 2007. She now enjoys to perform at various shows, teach and choreograph. She has joined and co-founded various ongoing projects such as jazz é-tap, Triple Tap and Carpe Rhythmum.

Simultaneously to tap dancing, Shyrleen has found joy in playing the plectrum banjo. 2010 she joined her first New Orleans Jazz band as a banjo player and 2014 she joined the group DixieOnAir. This allowed her to combine both passions. Shyrleen Tap dances and plays with jazz bands and swing big bands all over Switzerland.


What matters the most to her is to be able to connect to other musicians, audience members and dancers to create art through her Passion for Rhythm.


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